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Recently I was most honored that Graham Henry, a senior reporter with one of the Welsh papers, wrote a wonderful article on me and my first novel, Lake Caerwych. The article has had a very positive effect on sales in the UK. Naturally, I’m extremely excited that most of those sales came directly from Wales!

The online version of the article is here:  WalesOnline


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Lake Caerwych

Book One of the Copper & Cobalt Trilogy

After finding what appears to be an ancient, Celtic necklace in a second-hand boutique, Bridget and her best friend Celena have the strange feeling that they’ve seen the pendant before, a long, long time ago. This, and the unusual familiarity they’ve felt ever since they met, leads them to ask questions and trace their find back to its source.

Once in Wales, Bridget is compelled to an eerie, megalithic structure and suddenly finds herself in another time and place – as Enid, the dark-haired servant girl she was thousands of years ago. She is immersed in her horrid past and forced to relive it, helpless to avert the tragedy, save her dearest friend or even herself.

Waking at dawn inside the ring of stones, she and Celena begin to embark upon the true adventure laid out before them. They need to right the past not only for themselves, but for a much higher purpose. And Paul, a mysterious stranger who jealously guards his own secrets, may be able to help them.


Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition UK

Lake Caerwych is the first book of a trilogy. Book Two, The Space Between Worlds, will be completed by summer, 2012.

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