Work in Progress: Cinders & Fate

Book 3 of The Joining Series

Book 3 of The Joining Series

Well, Book 2 is now up for preorder and I’m hard at work on Book 3. I’m hoping to have review copies available by July! In this installment, I introduce a new character–Gwyneth’s youngest daughter who’s a shifter–and Elin has to deal with a different set of problems or lose her family. Naturally, Queen Imurgura plays a part in Elin’s peril. This time, however, Elin has some surprises of her own to unleash.

One interesting aspect of this book is that a dragon is a big part of the plot and the new lessons Elin learns. Besides a tiny bit in Isle of Apples of my first series, I haven’t written about dragons, so it was interesting researching them. After all, I want to make sure my portrayal of them is “accurate”–can you be inaccurate when writing about mythical creatures? I think you can! Luckily, I do have a little leeway because the beast in Elin’s world was conceived by extraordinary means. She’s a shifter with special abilities of her own. But I like combining traditional ideas with my own.

Here’s a quick excerpt so you can see what I mean:

My breathing came in deep, rapid gulps from the awe that knocked me speechless. All my senses absorbed the sight as I burned the image into my mind in painstaking detail. Eiriol was a dragon in every sense of the word, in every aspect I’d imagined a dragon to be. As a child, she wasn’t the gargantuan beast I’d been dreading, but more like the size of two plow horses–it was only the massive wingspan which made her seem larger.  

The dragon had a long neck, and a flattish, reptilian head with two small horns which pointed backward. A row of spines started just below the horns and ran all along her back to the tip of her long tail. Her wings were only vaguely bat-like, being semi-translucent but more elegant. Shimmery, like the wings of fairies in the Fae Realm. But of all this, it was the dragon’s color which caught my eye most–a color I was having difficulty describing. When first the creature sprang into the air, the massive thrusts of her wings fanning me with a gentle breeze, I had sworn she was red. Dark red, the color of blood and anger and poison toadstools. But once she ascended into full sunlight, her scales reflected gold, as lovely a gold as I had ever seen. It was only as the dragon distanced itself from me and the two colors appeared to merge into one that I realized she was both. A red and gold dragon with wings that but for their shape could have almost belonged to a Fae.

Breathless against my tree, I recalled the cold night I had performed the ritual to change the pregnant Gwyneth into a human. I’d held my hand over the bowl of blood, sanctifying the offering for the transference of essence as the spell required. As I’d concentrated, a pale, golden glow had emanated from my palm. My Fae light was usually lightning blue, but not that day. It had been gold. Seeing the same flaxen hue reflected in Eiriol’s dragon scales sent a chill through my body–as though our resemblance in human form wasn’t enough.

* * * * *

Dragons over an ocean

There might actually be a Book 4 coming because if Elin overcomes her latest obstacles, she’ll still have a lot to do. So we’ll see! I’ve never written a series beyond a trilogy, so I kind of like the idea of adding a fourth book.

Book 2, Cinders & Fae is available for preorder, and you can grab it here:

Cinders & Fae