New Release: Blood Red Summer

Blood Red Summer, Book Two of the Wilco series, is now available. This story is told from Aria Owen’s point of view instead of Trent’s. I think you will find yourself rooting for her.

Dead men do tell tales…
Years ago, I did a horrible thing. But I never meant to kill him. I acted in self-defense and didn’t have a choice… or so I tell myself. But now that someone wants retribution for the man who burned to death, I’m not so sure.
A stranger who knows my secret is stalking me, threatening me at work–and not only me, but one of my real estate clients–and the police can’t identify him. He’s jeopardizing my job, my safety, and even Trent, the man I’m in love with. But I refuse to comply with the stranger’s demands, and my life becomes a constant battle for survival.
My own detective work leads me to another fire and a thirty-year-old, unsolved murder case. As I begin finding connections between my stalker, my client, and worst of all, Trent, my past is catching up to me faster than I can escape it. Can I help solve the case and put the murderer behind bars before my time runs out? 

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