Spotlight on Global Women Power

Iltani in ancient Sumer saw a need for change in her society, especially in women’s rights. While she may not have had the resources to bring about such a change, in today’s world we have not only the resources, but the people and groups dedicated to making a difference. One such group is Global Women Power, a charity and registered non-profit founded by Alka Madan, which has chapters in the United States and India.

Global Women Power prepares women leaders to create major social change around the world. It is a vast network of female business owners and professionals all over the world connected to each other. Every project is aimed at empowering women, children and senior citizens.

One area which the group is tackling is that of education ― since every person living has the right to education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

Global Women Power has launched their Pencil Project, which sponsors classroom books, pencils, field trips, science and art projects. The project helps children achieve big dreams while growing up in financially challenged environments.

GWP’s blog states: Every kid deserves to read as many books as possible; every kid needs to express his or her own brilliant thoughts and ideas reflected through the power of a pen. Every kid deserves to explore what nature has to offer him or her: a trip to a local museum, a trip to a national forest or getting to know their capital city history. Pencil Project reaches out to teachers and students to help many challenged classrooms achieve their academic goals by bringing them pencils, pens, books, sponsoring their field trips and class projects. This is accomplished through collecting books, pens, or pencils from kind and caring donors or through educational expenses sponsorship with the help of individual contribution or charitable donation from business organizations.

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