Best Cinderella Retellings & Wolf Shifter Tales

In my excitement preceding my March 13th release of Elin and the Wolf: A Cinderella Shifter Story, I thought it only fitting that I share some other Cinderella and wolf shifter books with you. These are my picks. I’m curious to know which ones are your favorites!

Cendrilla: A Cinderella Fairytale Retelling (Perrault Chronicles Book 1) by Cordelia Castel

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, can Cendrilla escape her enemies and put an end to the chaos?

Cendrilla Perrault isn’t much of a catch. She’s not elegant, graceful, charming or hospitable and she’s stuck in a life of serving her stepsisters and emotionally abusive “mother.” Cendrilla can’t wait to come of age and inherit her beloved mansion – and finally make her own choices.

However, Mother has a different plan. After striking up a betrothal with serial wife-killer, Lord Bluebeard, Cendrilla makes a run for her life.

She navigates the United Kingdom of Seven with her new companion, Jack, and encounters the enchantment and danger of magic. With Lord Bluebeard’s henchmen on their heels, they must brave the elements and a myriad of hostile inhabitants to find sanctuary within the capital’s high walls.

Cendrilla is a re-imagination of the classic Cinderella story. It blends fairytales, mythology, and centuries-old folklore into an adventure that turns every damsel-in-distress legend on its head.

What readers are saying:

“It has a wonderful storyline and the characters are truly incredible.” —Kimberly Nelson, Amazon Reviewer

“It is a truly amazing retelling with a bit of extra characters thrown in. It is a well blended mix of Fairies, Ogres, Giants, Trolls, Princes and princesses.” —Rachel Mc Neff-Bay, Amazon Reviewer

Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon Book 1) by Stacy Claflin

She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.

Victoria can’t wait to start college, but there’s a hitch—she can’t remember anything before arriving on campus. Her memories finally spark when she sees her ruggedly handsome math professor, but she senses something terrible happened. The shock on his face affirms her fears.

Toby is an alpha wolf who never thought he’d see his true love again—not after she died in his arms. Nothing could have prepared him for her walking into his class. But to his dismay, not only has she forgotten the past, she doesn’t even know who she is.

He’s determined to do whatever it takes to restore what they’ve lost. Can Toby help Victoria recover her memories, or will he lose her forever?

What readers are saying:

“Clear your schedule. You’ll stay up all night reading.” —Amazon Customer

“It captured my attention from the very beginning. What a great concept having a supernatural loose her memory. I was completely pulled into the story.” —Vicki DeHart, Amazon Reviewer

Cinder Heart: A Cinderella Retelling (The Fairytale Prophecies Book 1) by Amy Linnabary

What if fairytales weren’t just stories, but modern-day prophecies?

My name is Gabriella.
My parents are dead and left me to be raised by my stepmother and her two daughters.
I’m just trying to survive until high school graduation.
I am Cinderella.

Oh, but they forgot one detail—I have superpowers.

My fairy godmother tells me there are others like me. Those who possess a darker magic. Apparently, it’s not only my stepmother I need to fear. Thanks for the heads up, Grimm Brothers.

Now I’m left wondering how much more of the story they got wrong. Especially when Prince Charming shows up with secrets of his own.

When people in my life start to disappear and the tale goes off script, I’m left to figure out how to become the hero I’m destined to be.

What readers are saying:

“Amy Linnabary’s CINDER HEART grabbed me and pulled me in from the first page. Beautifully written, the fresh take on this fairytale had me on the edge of my seat. Hal made me swoon, and I loved that Gabriella was a strong, female character. Do not pass up on this wonderful story.” — NYT’s bestselling author, Victorine E. Lieske

“Very creative storyline. I love the concept of fairytale meet superhero meet high school.” —Secret Pearls Reviews

A Shift in the Water (Elemental Shifter Book 1) by Patricia D. Eddy

What would you give up to save your family?

Alpha wolf Cade sacrificed everything.

His humanity. His safety. Even his name.

His pack gone, trapped as his wolf by an elemental’s spell, dying, Cade has only one chance at freedom: the beautiful, sad woman crying on an Orcas Island beach.

Mara never believed in magic. Or fate. Until she finds an injured wolf in the trunk of her car. This animal needs her, and the mysterious illness threatening her life fades whenever he’s near.

But her wolf has secrets. And when Mara wakes up with a naked man in her bed, she’s had about enough of them.

One tortured wolf. A woman with nothing to lose. And a threat they never expected.

What readers are saying:

“I’m new to this author, but can say I wholeheartedly look forward to the next in this amazing series. Lots of action. Not the typical werewolf book either. I love the woven element of elementals into this series.” —Amazon Reviewer

“Loved this novel. Loved, loved, loved. It’s been a long time since a romance novel had me racing home from work to read what happened next, and really, werewolves are NOT my usual thing.” —Beverly Diehl, Amazon Reviewer

Cinders, Stars, and Glass Slippers: A Retelling of Cinderella (The Classical Kingdoms Collection Book 6) by Brittany Fitcher

What if the prince didn’t throw the ball to meet his true love? What if he was trying to save her life instead?

Since the murder of her gifted mother, Elaina has been sheltered on her father’s ship. But when Elaina’s secret is compromised, she must return to land and live under the king’s protection…much to her objection.

Ashland’s crown prince, Nicholas, has never been without. He is, however, facing a possible civil war and a deadly foe who preys on his gifted citizens. So when he meets Elaina, Nicholas delights in insisting that she share her military expertise gained on her father’s ship. He gets more than he bargains for, though, when he finds that he might have fallen for the one girl who refuses to fall for his charms.

Just as Elaina and Nicholas begin to realize they might need each other after all, a dark turn of events finds Elaina exiled and forced into servitude, a civil war declared, and the murderer bloodthirstier than ever. Can Nicholas and Elaina defeat the dark forces that have poisoned their kingdom…and find their own happy ending as well?

Cinders, Stars, and Glass Slippers is sixth in the Classical Kingdoms Collection, a series of fairy tale retellings for those who still believe in sacrifice, true love, and the magic of happily ever afters.

What readers are saying:

“Cinders, Stars, and Glass Slippers is a beautiful written captivating tale of love, betrayal, and happily ever after. This is a uniquely written fairytale retelling of Cinderella.” —Amazon Reviewer

“Perhaps the best retelling I’ve read! I was enraptured from chapter 1; I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to read more from Brittany Richter.” —Emily Kelley, Amazon Reviewer

Winter Wolf (A New Dawn Novel Book 1) by Rachel M. Raithby

Katalina Winter was prepared for life to change when she turned eighteen—but she never expected to actually change.

Learning that her birth parents were purebred wolf shifters is shocking enough. Now she’s expected to take her place in their unfamiliar world. Caught between two warring packs, Katalina must learn fast. One pack, led by the father she has only just met, wants to control her—and the other one wants her dead.

However, there is one bright spot to shifting, and his name is Bass Evernight. Tall, dark, and oh-so-handsome, Bass is the wolf that Katalina craves. He’s also strictly forbidden: a member of Dark Shadow, Bass is the son of her father’s mortal enemy. Yet deep down inside, Katalina’s new primal instincts howl that Bass is her mate. Can their love bring an end to the brutal war that has raged for so long, or will it spark the fighting around them into an all-consuming fire?

What readers are saying:

“Best book ever! I loved this book! If you like Twilight you will like this, except it’s more about wolves! If you love fantasy, READ IT! —Lion, Amazon Reviewer

“1 word : AMAZING!!!!! This is an amazing, thriller for any wolf lover, such as myself. It keeps u on the edge of ur seat the whole way through. It does have…. quite a few curse words, so it’s definitely at least high school level, but other than that, an all around amazing story.” —MB, Amazon Reviewer

Cinders: The Untold Story of Cinderella by Finley Aaron

Everything you’ve been told is wrong.

Oh, not everything, I suppose. Yes, I turned a pumpkin into a coach and mice into horses. The stroke of midnight, the glass slippers, and the prince searching for a girl whose foot fit the shoe…those were all part of the story.

And yet, the prince didn’t just fall in love with Cinderella because she looked good at the ball. Pigeon feathers and pollywogs! Could you respect him if he did? I most certainly could not.

No, no, there was vastly more that happened before the night of the ball, and a great deal of international intrigue after. Cinderella was a warrior who saved the life of the prince and defended her kingdom from oppressors who were plotting to overthrow the king.

They didn’t tell you that part? It’s time, past time, for you to know the true story of the real Cinderella.

What readers are saying:

Cinders is perfect for every fan who ever wished Cinderella could be a bit more like Mulan, and for everyone who loved The Princess Bride, but wished Buttercup would pick up her sword and fight for herself once in awhile.”–Jess Evander, author of the TimeShifters series

“I usually am not a fan of Cinderella retellings, but this book had all the things I didn’t know I was missing! I love how the prince and Cinderella actually spend a lot of time together. Cinderella’s backstory and who she became make for a fun read.” —Amazon Customer

Wolf-speaker (The Immortals Book 2) by Tamora Pierce

When Daine is summoned by the wolf pack that saved her life a year earlier, she knows she has to go. She and Numair travel to Dunlath Valley to answer the call. But when they arrive, Daine realizes with a shock that it’s not just the animals whose lives are threatened; people are in danger too. Dunlath’s rulers have discovered black opals in their valley and are dead set on mining the magic these stones embody. Daine learns that Dunlath’s lord and lady plan to use this power to overthrow King Jonathan — even if it means irreversibly damaging the land and killing their workers.

On a mission to save both her animal friends and her human ones, Daine has to master her wild magic in order to fight for the kingdom and triumph over the would-be usurpers.

What readers are saying:

Gr. 7-9. “In this sequel to Wild Magic (1992), the pack of wolves that helped 14-year-old Daine avenge her family’s death call her back from her mage training at King Jonathan’s court. Humans (“two-leggers”) are ruining Dunlath Valley. Daine, who speaks the language of animals and is learning to enter animals’ minds and shape-change, works to help the two-leggers and the animals move beyond species prejudice to prevent an ecological disaster and the overthrow of the beneficent King Jonathan. Suspense is stronger than characterization here, but the exploration of diverse animal personalities will intrigue readers.” —Mary Harris Veeder, Booklist

“This book is awesome!!! This book has animals and their rights, human stupidity and how humans treat nature, humor, and magic. This BOOK IS THE BEST.” —Kindle Customer

Fated: Cinderella’s Story (Destined Book 1) by Kaylin Lee

All Cinderella wants is to take care of her family.

After working tirelessly for five years to prove herself among the city’s elite, she’s about to graduate and win a coveted spot in city government. Then it all blows up in her face—literally.

A violent, anonymous force has been targeting commoners in horrifying attacks. Now they’ve set their sights on Cinderella. Either that, or she’s losing her mind. It doesn’t help that she’s falling for a mage who’s way out of her league.

Just as she manages to recover from the attack that left her scarred and traumatized, the city’s mysterious enemy destroys what’s left of her future. But when they go after her family, they cross the line. The whole city is in danger now.

How much is Cinderella willing to risk to save the city that has always hated her?

What readers are saying:

“I love the word building. Not too much detail but she makes you live the story nonetheless. The twist was refreshing for me. The pairing was quite unexpected for me. I always thought that Cinderella will get her prince but here it was a completely different kind of prince. I love it! I couldn’t put it down when i started it. I ended up sleeping at 3 in the morning!” —Clara Rose, Amazon Reviewer

“Most unique Cinderella story I’ve ever read. Thought provoking, beautiful, clean, perfect.” —Kindle Customer

Wolf’s Blood (The House of Sirius Book 1) by Laura Taylor

Kidnapped, tortured and forcibly converted into a wolf shape shifter, Dee is alone and terrified… until a mysterious man rescues her from the hideous lab and she is taken in by Il Trosa, a pack of wolf shifters living in England’s north.

But her troubles are far from over, as she finds herself caught in the middle of a centuries old war that threatens to wipe out the shifters and is astonished to realize that she is the subject of an ancient and deadly prophecy.

What readers are saying:

“A must read for shifter lovers! I loved this story. Can’t wait to read the next one. It was a very interesting twist on shifters and once I started reading it it I couldn’t put it down.” —C. Fitzgerald, Amazon Reviewer

“Exhilarating! To have two minds. One human, one beast. Then staying rational through a great change which originally this melding of the two was forced rather than knowingly put there. To have the power to become a wolf at any given time all the while holding onto your humanity. Could you do it?” —Ronda, Amazon Reviewer