Werewolf Clothing

The things you wind up researching as a writer are funny sometimes. Since I’m working on a series with werewolves, this is something I wondered about and really didn’t know. What the heck do you do when the guy has been running around in the woods as a wolf and shifts back to a human? Um…

I found a really good article at ilovewerewolves.com. Go figure, they seem to know about this subject over there. Apparently there are three basic ways to solve this dilemma:

– The shifter can carry clothes with him.

– The clothing can stay on and just tear somewhat when he shifts from a man to a werewolf.

– Or, you guessed it, he or she can just go au naturel. And let’s face it, a wolf is an animal and wouldn’t care about clothes, so that’s probably the most realistic of the three! But it might not be a good fit in a fiction novel, depending on where the wolf shifts. It could make for some really awkward situations, right?

My favorite is actually number 1. If you were a shifter, and you knew you’d be going back and forth between your human and wolf forms, you would be aware of standard protocol around humans and would figure out a way to have easy access to clothes when you needed them. This is what I’m going with in my book, and I think it can work well, especially when the wolves are part of a hierarchical society and have dealings with humans and other beings, such as Fae or witches, on a regular basis.

But it’s good to know there are options!