Lake Caerwych

Book One of the Copper & Cobalt Trilogy

Bridget doesn’t want to die again.

Bridget thought a summer holiday in rural Wales was the answer to everything. Not only would it be the experience of a lifetime, but she may finally come to understand Snowdonia’s eerie familiarity and the creepy déjà vu she and her best friend Celena have been having. And although Wales proves to be the most beautiful and enchanting place they’ve ever seen, what they find leaves Bridget with more questions than ever.

Lured to the ‘other side’ of a Bronze Age ring of stones by an unearthly magic, sixteen-year-old Bridget opens her eyes to long ago Celtic Britain. Hurled into another life, the terrors she faces in the ancient past are too much to bear. Even with Celena’s help, what began as an adventure turns into an inescapable nightmare she can’t seem to wake up from.

But all isn’t lost. An enigmatic boy named Paul has lived in Talsarnau all his life, and he’s been to the other side of the ring cairn too. He thinks he might know a way to solve the mystery. The only catch is that Bridget might have to die… again.


Kindle Edition

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Lake Caerwych is the first book of a trilogy. Book Two, The Space Between Worlds, will be completed by summer, 2012.