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A story of friendship, time travel and haunting adventure in ancient Wales. Two American teenagers embark on the journey of their lives when they find a megalithic portal in Snowdonia which takes them back to 500 BC. Lake Caerwych is Book 1 of a Welsh-themed trilogy.

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Not all prisons are escapable, but a beautiful, pale stranger from another land shows Bridget something unbelievable, wonderful, and frightening. Just as Bridget thinks she has a solution to the trap she’s in, she is faced with a disturbing choice that may cause a shift in her destiny which can’t be undone. The Space Between Worlds is Book 2 of a Welsh-themed trilogy.

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Bridget knows that with magic stemming from the Isle of Apples, she can change time, create a new future and fulfill a promise she made to the Goddess. What is “The Forever Tree” and what do mysterious clay tablets reveal about her quest? How can she convince Paul to journey to the Isle to undo the tragedies of the past? Isle of Apples is Book 3 of a Welsh-themed trilogy.

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