No good deed goes unpunished…

Two months after his fiancee, Elizabeth Reinhardt, leaves him with no explanation, broken and confused, Trent Lemend is forced to pack up and start over in rural Georgetown, Texas. Believing his life could get no worse, Trent attempts to bury the inner demons of his past.

But when he stumbles upon a terrifying crime scene, Trent’s troubles are only just beginning. Discovering that one of the victims, an emaciated, blood-covered woman, is still alive, changes his life in ways he never thought possible.

Saving the woman destroys all that he’s ever known. Suddenly, as a witness, he’s the killer’s number one target. With the murderer on the loose, nobody is safe–especially Elizabeth, the only woman he’s ever loved. Now, it’s up to Trent to save his ex and reclaim his life. But will he discover a dangerous dark side of his own?

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Peter’s reality has been shattered.

Everyday seems the same to Peter. He walks to the bus stop, listening to music or daydreaming. He sits or stands while he is jostled to work each morning, avoiding conversation. He goes through the motions of accounting at the CPA firm almost automatically, without having to think about it. Sometimes he feels like more of a spectator in life than a participant, and nothing ever changes.

Until today. On his walk after work, Peter sees something shocking. He doesn’t want to believe it, but he just can’t look away. Terrified, sleepless, and not knowing where else to turn, Peter seeks the aid of Father Radcliffe at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

The knowledgeable priest seems to have an uncanny knack for finding deeper applications of the Bible, and unexpectedly, he appears to believe Peter’s story. But once Peter reveals all, will the holy man still help him – or will Peter have to consult a strange man who knows too much to be trusted?

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Is there life after ‘almost death?’

Eight months after she was rescued from an abandoned house where she was held prisoner, Aria Owen’s horrible misfortune follows close behind: a stranger is repeatedly threatening her, seeking revenge for unknown reasons. This man is also threatening one of her real estate clients, and while her instincts are screaming at her to stay out of it, Aria just can’t let an innocent man get killed.

Warning her client turns her life into a roller coaster of terrifying threats, secrets, and chaos. She no longer knows who to trust, and even Trent, the man who saved her from certain death, is acting strangely. Can Aria find a way to end her string of tragedy and stop being a victim of horrible acts, or will she fail to prevent a murder and end up dead herself?

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