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Daring Damsels and Warrior Women 

Whether they’re fighting crime, finding the truth, or swinging swords, join these fabulous femmes on harrowing journeys that will leave you thrilled and turning the page for more! 

15th May, 2018 → 31st May, 2018

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Judge a Book By Its Cover!

It’s time to judge a book by its cover! Add some sparkle to your eReader! Be sure to check out AJ giveaways at where you can win books, swag, Kindles, and Amazon gift cards! 

1st May, 2018 → 31st May, 2018

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Spring  Showers Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery Thrillers Box Set Giveaway

18th May, 2018 → 18th June, 2018

Over thirty authors are giving away novels, short stories and previews for you to read at no cost to yourself, except the time it takes to download this huge boxset.

Please be aware that by downloading this boxset you are giving permission to the authors who have contributed to the boxset to include your email address on their list of newsletter subscribers. This is a fair exchange for their work you receive for free. You pay nothing, and they work for days, weeks and sometimes years to put these stories together for you!

After you click to download this must have, great box set, you will be asked to opt into a mailing list. After you have done so, you will be directed to a link to download your free extremely large volume of reading that will keep your mind and heart entertained for many weeks to come, if not months, depending if you’re a binge reader or not, (I know I am. Can’t get much sleep when I have a great story in my hands!)

And to add even more happy juice to this giveaway, a second gigantic box set is in the works and in July you will automatically receive a link to download that one without having to do a thing, except enjoy it.

Double click below to opt into the free newsletter list from the authors and after you have submitted your email address you will automatically be given the download link for the gigantic box set filled with exciting new worlds, fantasies and adventures of mystery and suspense.