Fairy Tales

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Will this Cinderella lose her Prince Charming all over again?

After all these years, Elin Kendrick is still reeling with worry and wonder following her mother’s abduction. But when her father marries a cruel and vindictive woman, Elin knows it’s up to her to uncover the truth about her mother’s disappearance.

As her wicked stepmother unleashes havoc on her life, Elin encounters Trystan Draugosero. A comforting and secure blast from her past, the wolf pup has grown into a powerful shifter. Together, they embark upon a quest for answers that may lead to more than the truth about Elin’s past. She just may learn the secrets of who she really is. Will this journey lead her to a future she always dreamed about, or will her discovery cause her to lose Trystan forever?

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