New Release: Blood Red Winter

I’m really excited about my newest release and I’m grateful to be able to share it with you. Okay, so a heads up right off: this isn’t a Young Adult Fantasy novel. Just for fun, I wrote a thriller novel and entered it in the #StoryTellerUK2017 contest. Why on earth would a fantasy author write a thriller novel? Sometimes it feels good to change gears, and I wanted to experience writing in this genre at least once, since it’s so popular.

My inspiration for the book was the area of Texas where I used to live: rural Williamson County, near Georgetown. My husband and I loved how beautiful it was, and the fact that it was so peaceful and removed from the city. We had a sheep field right next to us and sometimes we’d see roadrunners as close as twenty feet from our door. At night the coyotes would howl from somewhere in an adjacent cattle pasture. We were out in the country and that was fine by us.

Here are the details about the book. Let me know what you think!

Winter in Central Texas is seldom white…

Two months after his fiancée Elizabeth leaves with no explanation, Trent Lemend moves from Austin, Texas, to rural Williamson County just outside Georgetown. He buries his inner demons in the cellar of his subconscious and makes the best of his new life. Working on a local cattle ranch helps pass the days, and he tries to leave painful memories behind in sprawling pastures of mesquite trees, prickly pear, and brittlegrass.

On a gray winter walk like any other, a call from his boss, Tim Corbin, leads Trent to discover a shocking crime in an abandoned house on County Road 118. As he stands beside the barbed wire fence, images of what he’s just witnessed assaulting him, something happens that can only be described as a miracle. One of the victims, a young woman, is still alive, and he stares in disbelieving silence as her emaciated, blood-covered body is carried out on a stretcher. Though this is beyond his expectations after seeing the horrors in that filthy back room, Aria Owen’s survival marks Trent for murder.

Deputy Sheriff Reyes urges him to relocate if possible and lay low until the killer is caught, but Trent soon finds himself dragged into a deceptive game. As Trent loses his job, his security, and his sanity, he is clutched by the grim realization that he enjoys the rush these new dangers provide – he has a dark side of his own. But when threats against Elizabeth force Trent to protect her, a secret from his past comes back to reclaim what was lost in a way he never thought possible.

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Isle of Apples is Available in All Formats!

“A new twist on time traveling and the power to love and forgive.” -Edward Maher, Amazon Reviewer.

Bridget’s future depends on helping the boy who wants to kill her.  

The Isle of Apples is a breathtaking, wonderful place. It’s lush and green, full of white magic and perfectly safe. Well, except for dangerous mythological beasts, enchanted streams, and the fact that there is no sun and no time. And all Bridget has to do to solve an unsolvable, four-thousand-year-old paradox involving the boy who wants to kill her is go there and fulfill a promise she made to the Goddess.

Bridget and her best friend Celena use an otherworldly portal to delve deep into the past for answers of exactly what to do. What is “The Forever Tree” and what do mysterious clay tablets reveal about their quest? How can they find the one person they need to complete the ancient magic when he has disappeared – and is he still in Wales, or has he vanished into ancient Celtic Britain for the same artifacts Bridget seeks?

Bridget learns that sometimes pieces of the puzzle are found in the most unexpected ways – and from the most unexpected people. In an uncharted realm governed by different rules, she witnesses trust, magic and faith overcome adversity as a painful history draws to a close.

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The Space Between Worlds

(Book 2 of the Copper & Cobalt Trilogy)

Not all prisons are escapable.

Thousands of miles from ancient Celtic Britain, Bridget awakens as a Sumerian girl standing outside the Great Ziggurat of Ur. She can’t understand where Celena is or what any of this has to do with her and their history in Wales. Her pendant has disappeared and she has no way back.

Feeling trapped in this arid land so far removed from Wales or the US, Bridget’s problems extend beyond locating her friend or finding an exit door. Her parents are forcing her to prepare for an arranged marriage, and if she doesn’t follow through, the consequences will be severe. She can’t see how to stop the tidal wave that’s threatening to engulf her life. There are many kinds of prisons, and not all of them are escapable. But when Bridget meets Relan, all of that changes.

In the blazing heat of Sumerian summer, a beautiful, pale stranger explores the marketplace of Ur, asking peculiar questions of the merchants and speaking in a strange accent. Wearing a woolen cloak over his animal skin tunic, this “barbarian” is from elsewhere and has unusual ideas. Bridget’s curiosity leads her down an alluring and dangerous path. She is afraid to find out the answers she longs for, until Relan shows her something unbelievable, wonderful, and frightening. Just as Bridget thinks she has a solution to her problems, she is faced with a disturbing choice that may cause a shift in her destiny which can’t be undone.

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Lake Caerwych

Book One of the Copper & Cobalt Trilogy

Bridget doesn’t want to die again.

Bridget thought a summer holiday in rural Wales was the answer to everything. Not only would it be the experience of a lifetime, but she may finally come to understand Snowdonia’s eerie familiarity and the creepy déjà vu she and her best friend Celena have been having. And although Wales proves to be the most beautiful and enchanting place they’ve ever seen, what they find leaves Bridget with more questions than ever.

Lured to the ‘other side’ of a Bronze Age ring of stones by an unearthly magic, sixteen-year-old Bridget opens her eyes to long ago Celtic Britain. Hurled into another life, the terrors she faces in the ancient past are too much to bear. Even with Celena’s help, what began as an adventure turns into an inescapable nightmare she can’t seem to wake up from.

But all isn’t lost. An enigmatic boy named Paul has lived in Talsarnau all his life, and he’s been to the other side of the ring cairn too. He thinks he might know a way to solve the mystery. The only catch is that Bridget might have to die… again.


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Lake Caerwych is the first book of a trilogy. Book Two, The Space Between Worlds, will be completed by summer, 2012.