Best Young Adult Celtic Fantasy Adventure eBooks

When I look for good reads in Celtic fantasy, I always seem to find myself hunting around on Amazon forever. This is a niche genre and somehow the best books get buried under all the other types of fantasy out there. I took some time to pull the really awesome ones together in one place. Here are 10 gems of Celtic fantasy not to be excluded from your list of Kindle favorites.

Three Wells of the Sea by Terry Madden and Digital Fiction

When Nechtan, warrior king of the Five Quarters is murdered, he leaves his land on the brink of civil war. His closest adviser, the druid Lyleth, has a price on her head and the evidence to condemn the real killer. Seeking to unify the land, she strikes a bargain with her green gods and weaves a forgotten spell to summon her king from the land of the dead.

Hugh Cavendish is torn from his life as a high school English teacher and pitched back into the turmoil of his previous life as king Nechtan. If he and Lyleth fail to regain his throne and prevent civil war, the ice-born reaver known as the Bear waits to snatch up the scraps of the kingdom. As Hugh clings to life in our world, in the other he must face the rebellion as well as the Bear. If he lets go of life in either world he will lose not only his kingdom but the woman he loves.

What readers are saying: 

“If you are a fan of Celtic literature, or have fond memories of To Green Angel Tower in particular, pick up Three Wells of the Sea as fast as you can.” — New Myths Magazine

“For fans of the dual worlds of Stephen R. Donaldson’s ‘The Land’ and Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman.’ Let’s welcome Terry Madden’s Five Quarters to the world just outside the one we live in. It has a spark of wonder, indeed.” — Rusty Clark, April 2016

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The Treasure of Gwenlais: The Rienfield Chronicles Book I by M.T. Magee

Can a reluctant Princess fulfill her destiny to heal the torn Kingdoms and the heart of a battle hardened warrior Prince? Join Laurel on an extraordinary journey of discovery, danger, wonder, and finding a love she only dared dream of. Come with her to find the truth of who she is, and those who will do anything to stop her from making the words of the Olden Scribes a reality. A love story that will leave you breathless and believing in the wonder of Scottish and Irish folklore and fairy tales.

Come and experience the beauty, danger, and romance of an epic historical medieval fantasy that whispers of Celtic legend.

Multi Award Winning International Amazon #1 Bestseller #1 Best Fantasy Romance (not urban) On Listopia.

What readers are saying:

“This book is amazing! It has everything. Love, betrayal, action, all of it. I can not wait for the next book to come out! You have out done yourself it is truly a magnificent work of art.” — Jaime King, Amazon Reviewer

“She has created lovable characters that suck you into the Kingdoms of Gwenlais and Heathwin, and has imagined wonderful fantasy elements to create a world that you won’t want to leave.” — Reviewed by Brittney Rossie for Readers’ Favorite 

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Finn Finnegan by Darby Karchut

Finn (not bleedin’ Finnegan) MacCullen is eager to begin his apprenticeship. He soon discovers the ups and downs of hunting monsters in a suburban neighborhood under the demanding tutelage of the Knight, Gideon Lir. Both master and apprentice are descendants of the Tuatha De Danaan, a magical race of warriors from Ireland. Scattered long ago to the four corners of the world, the De Danaan wage a two thousand year old clandestine battle with their ancient enemy, the Amand, a breed of goblin-like creatures. Now with the beasts concentrating their attacks on Finn, he and his master must race to locate the lost Spear of the Tuatha De Danaan, the only weapon that can destroy the Amand, all the while hiding his true identity from his new friends, Rafe and Savannah, twins whose South African roots may hold a key to Finn’s survival. Armed with a bronze dagger, some ancient Celtic magic, and a hair-trigger temper, Finn is about to show his enemies the true meaning of fighting Irish.

What readers are saying:

Funny, action-packed, wonderful! I loved this! I can’t possibly describe how giddy reading this book made me feel, but I’ll still give t a try! — Lydia Perversius, Amazon Reviewer

Finn Finnegan brings classic adventure into a modern day setting for a great read. The Celtic lore in the story is fascinating and gives it an extra richness. This will appeal to all those readers (myself included) who love the idea of a hidden and dangerous world within our own sometimes too ordinary world. — Dee Garretson, author of Wildfire Run and Wolf Storm

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The Forged Prince (The Chronicles of Tethera Book 1) by Michael Laird

For his own part, the boy named Llew intends to show the self-styled Queen of Deceit that even a weapon forged for evil can turn in its maker’s grasp and strike in an unexpected direction—most especially a weapon with a mind of its own.

Forced to venture forth through the wilds, to usurp a throne he does not desire, to save a kingdom he has never seen, Llew at once finds himself pursued by an ever-growing array of deadly enemies. Although he has gone forth to do the impossible, it now seems impossible he will live long enough to even try.

Fortunately, Llew is impossibly optimistic . . . and fairly handy with a sword.

This is the first book in the Chronicles of Tethera. It has been praised by readers as a very well written and gripping tale with compelling characters that each speak in their own voice, plenty of action and adventure, and all of it set in the deeply imagined world of a Prydein that never was.

What readers are saying:

“I really enjoyed reading the story. I read a lot of fantasy and mysteries. I am always looking for a new author and new stories. I like sequels – so I am looking forward to the next installment.” — Amazon Reviewer

“Five Stars. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!” — Rebecca S. Pandas, Amazon Reviewer

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The Tales of Tanglewood: The Curse of Satyr Stump by Scott Michael Kessman

The Tales of Tanglewood fantasy series melds together influences of Celtic and Irish mythology with modern-day folklore. In the second tale, “The Curse of Satyr Stump”, Colin, Blood of the Fey, returns to Tanglewood shortly before Sahwen night, a time when the magic of the ‘wood has a strange effect on all things within it. Things have entered the ‘wood that should not be there, and the pathways are no longer safe. The blackberries have spoiled, a pooka roams the ‘wood, and a strong calling pulls Colin close to Satyr Stump, where Fionn the satyr has been cursed by Grainne, the Grey Lady. Tasked to face the dark druidess and help break the curse upon Fionn, Colin seeks help from the druid Bairtlemead Muffingrow, the ferrish Ailfrid, and the elfin girl Deidre. But it will be the satyr chieftain himself who joins Colin, seeking to help restore another piece of Tanglewood that has been claimed by deiney corruption. But the Grey Lady will not yield so easily, and Colin and Fionn are both nearly powerless in her domain. Colin learns very quickly that during Sahwen, Tanglewood can be a very dangerous place indeed.

What readers are saying:

“Can’t wait for the next one! An excellent series that keeps the reader guessing and waiting for more. The plot keeps on going and the characters become more interesting as the series progresses.” — No, Amazon Reviewer

“Good read (or listen). I really enjoyed listening to the first two stories in the series. If you want to read about a child that discovers the magical world of the fey, this is a good read or listen. I listen to books while I work and want to thank the author for an enjoyable story!” — Marc in Texas, Amazon Reviewer

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Knights of the Red Branch by S.A. Archer and S. Ravynheart

Only one thing stands between Sin and her knighthood, Finley Connelly – The golden boy of the Red Branch School. Defeating him with his superior Sidhe magic and quick bow is near to impossible, so the school’s patroness offers Sin an alternative final exam; to complete a quest in the woods of the Dryad of Death. This is a worthy mission, one fraught with dangers, which is exactly why Finley won’t let Sin go it alone, never realizing that there are greater stakes at play than just Sin reaching graduation. They’ve become pawns in a bigger game, and all sides seem ready to sacrifice them to further their own agendas. When death takes its toll, and Sin has no one but her enemies to turn to, she has to weigh what she wanted for herself against what she must become to survive.

What readers are saying:

“As usual, S.A. Archer has created incredible characters that grab you and drag you into their world.” Kelly — Reading the Paranormal review blog

“I don’t think these guys can write anything I don’t love!” Cassie — Gathering Leaves review blog

“S.A. Archer keep them coming! I am hooked!” Kira — The Book Lover’s Realm

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Celtic Forest (The Farnir Chronicles Book 1) by Vivette Hauser

Between slavery and freedom…
…lies hope and the faith to cast off your shackles.

Cut adrift by his sister’s death, the young warrior Lugus races to warn the Council of the Wise: the leaves in Celtic Forest are about to fall, exposing Lugus and his people to the threat of slavery under the Noxen rule. Thrown together with a maiden with no memory, he has to fight his own disillusionment to rally the Celts before they destroy themselves.

And as they fall to your feet…
…look at the world crumbling around you.

Change is upon more than just Celtic Forest. A slave boy breaks his bonds to stumble upon a pocket of resistance hidden in the mists of Farnir. As the Celts stir, the Noxen kingdom itself is crumbling from within. Winding through a finely spun net of intrigues the slave lords, military and senate are moving to seize the power of the complacent royal family for themselves.

The players are assuming their positions…
…where will they stand when Celtic Forest crumbles?

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The Second Battle by Jennifer L. Gadd

According to the prophecy, Lugh is destined to kill his own grandfather. Determined to escape his fate, he runs the risk of drawing all of Ireland into war.

The story of Cath Maige Tuired has enthralled readers since the 9th Century. With this fictionalized retelling, the exciting story of the Battle for Ireland between the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Fomori reaches a new generation of young adult readers.

What readers are saying: 

“A Compelling Retelling of Celtic Myth. It is no easy feat to create a modern narrative encompassing a series of Celtic myths, but Ms. Gadd sure pulls it off.” — Justine Manzano, Amazon Reviewer

“This was terrific! The author has an easy and captivating writing style that keeps you engaged throughout her work. The story is compelling, and despite the challenges of working with Celtic source material, Ms. Gadd has created a full myth cycle with beautiful continuity. Very well done. Highly recommend!” — Melissa S. Ashton, Amazon Reviewer

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Myfanwy: First Book of the Myfanwy’s People Series by Joseph Liaigh

Tom is dragged unhappily from the Australian surf to go to London in the middle of an English winter. His unhappiness increases when a mysterious figure magically appears on Westminster Bridge and tries to kill him. Tom is soon fighting bullies, being hunted by a psychotic magic user and kidnapped by a secret government agency. At school, he meets Myfanwy, and discovers that she can do magic, just as she discovers that he is immune to all forms of magic power. Their initial fear and distrust soon turns to friendship and Tom discovers a whole world of magic, beauty – and danger. This very friendship, however, threatens to upset the delicate power balance in the magic realm.

Tom and Myfanwy must get together to save the world, perhaps even the universe. But how can they, when the whole magic community is trying to keep them apart?

What readers are saying:

“Myfanwy is a charming book in every sense. It explores the magic of reality and the reality of magic. It uses great humour and suspense. It is fantasy of the best kind, the kind that sheds light on your own life as it keeps you turning the pages.” — Michael McGirr, Best selling author of The Things You Get For Free and The Lost Art of Sleep.

“A refreshingly unique story, Myfanwy invites the reader to explore intriguing characters embroiled in age-old conflicts between good and evil in an exciting and modern setting. I am looking forward to my children reading Myfanwy and growing to love it’s carefully created, layered world, while developing their own faith and exploring fundamental questions of right and wrong.” — Riny Davis, Librarian and mother of four.

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Fae Horse: A Faerie Tale by Anthea Sharp

Accused as witch, Eileen must flee for her life, leaving her village and true love behind. With her pursuers closing in, she chances across a strange black horse – but does she dare to pay the price of escape?

Fae Horse is a short story of 5k words (about 25 pages) in the traditional dark faerie tale style.

What readers are saying:

“It was so BEAUTIFULLY written.” — Taunya L. Clark, Amazon Reviewer

“This is a lovely short story based on an Irish legend or fairy tale. The imagery of the night and the wild ride on the horse was fantastic.”  — Diana Vincent, Amazon Reviewer

Why Should You Write?

Besides the happiness and personal satisfaction writing generates, you write to communicate something. You have something to say and your unique communication is unlike anyone else’s. In the final analysis, the success of the finished product (novel, textbook, article, etc.) is more or less proportional to the quality of your communication. How well did you create the scene in the readers’ minds? Did you stir their emotions, changing them forever? Did you make them believe that the world you created was actually a real place? When readers love your book, you know that you communicated to them, and you feel successful. When readers hate it, not so much.

During moments of inspiration, tapping away at your work in progress can bring you great joy, even exhilaration at times. There will also be times when you don’t feel inspired, but you should go ahead and write anyway. As authors, writing is our job, and like any professional we should train ourselves to push through our mental blocks and bad days. We learn to persevere and hone our craft to the polished brilliance it was meant to be. That’s the only way it’s going to get done.

I’ve found that the biggest obstacle to my success has nothing to do with the outside world, really. Some of those barriers might be valid too, but only in minor ways. The “it” reason I haven’t achieved my writing goals is that I underestimated the amount of work it was going to take. Call it a gross miscalculation of how much effort would be required to really do it. Realizing this has realigned my purpose in writing.

Several years after writing my first novel, I’m now aware of what’s wrong with it. It bears the scars of all my rookie mistakes, all the distracting descriptions of dialogue (“We’ll do it!” she declared excitedly.) and other no-nos. I could spend several paragraphs listing them out, but anyone who’s written a book knows exactly what I’m talking about. This isn’t something to lose sleep over. It’s not a crime to write a fiction novel that isn’t perfect. The point is, you will make mistakes, but you’ll learn from them and will come away with more ability, which can only be acquired by doing.

Why should you write? You should write because your communication and integrity matter. You should write because achieving your goals is more important than momentary setbacks. You should write because you have taste. Most of all, you should write because it’s what you want to do.

Quote by Ira Glass

Article About Lake Caerwych Published in the Western Mail, UK

Recently I was most honored that Graham Henry, a senior reporter with one of the Welsh papers, wrote a wonderful article on me and my first novel, Lake Caerwych. A huge thanks to Mr. Henry for giving me such a great opportunity to share my work with others.

Texan writer’s novel “inspired by Snowdonia” – even though she’s never visited

Its coastline of sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and stunning lakes is enough to inspire all who visit it.

But now an obscure corner of Snowdonia has proved to have a reach far further than anyone thought after it inspired a writer to make it the centre of her debut novel – even though she had never visited Wales.

“I was looking for lakes and I came upon Llyn Caerwych by nothing more than accident,” Conrad, 35, told the Western Mail.

“I found the word ‘Caerwych’ itself to be one of the most beautiful words ever written – and decided that not only would much of the story centre around this lake, but that it would be the title of the book as well.

“I fought with myself to keep from simply calling the novel ‘Llyn Caerwych,’ but instead used ‘lake’ so that anyone not familiar with the words would have some idea of what the title meant.”

The story itself features two friends who come across a Celtic necklace in a second-hand shop, triggering a feeling of déjà vu which leads to the pair being transported back to 500BC Wales – via a megalithic portal at the Bronze Age stone circle Bryn Cader Faner.

But Conrad – originally from St Louis, Missouri but now based in Texas after meeting her husband John Michael – said she was breaching a “taboo” by writing about a place she had never visited herself.

“I came across Snowdonia when searching for the lake I would have the characters visit,” she said.

“I found Llyn Caerwych in Snowdonia and the area had everything: moorland, numerous lakes, farmhouses, the ring cairn, hut circles, and of course, the sheep-dotted landscape.

“It was perfect – and since it’s a national park it’s quite rural, so there was plenty for the characters to explore and yet stay out of sight at times.

“I broke a taboo and wrote about a place I’ve never visited. I think that sometimes we get into the whys and wherefores of a thing so much that we forget it’s possible to just love something because we love it.

“I have such a strong affinity for Wales that it seemed wasteful to write about something else.

“I actually tried to learn Welsh at one point, years ago, but let’s just say my Welsh needs work.

“I felt that if I wrote about what interests and inspires me it would be worlds better than writing about things I know but care nothing about.

“I’ve also noticed that in the States we hear quite a bit about England, but almost nothing about Wales.

“Wales is a beautiful and intriguing country in its own right. I would like to see it get more attention.”

The self-published book, which is being sold on Amazon and via the firm’s Kindle gadget, is the first part of a Welsh-based trilogy, with the final edits on the second The Space Between Worlds currently being completed.

“So far I have received nothing but positive feedback on the book,” Conrad said.

“I’ve had a reader who lives in Snowdonia, near Llechwedd Slate caverns, say he loved it and can’t wait for the next book in the series.

“I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.”

Copyright 2012 WalesOnline.