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Cinders and Fae: A Retelling of Cinderella

Book 2 of The Joining Series

Our joining was predestined, but the Fae queen forbade our marriage…

As the Fae girl chosen to marry the wolf prince, my joining with Trystan will unite the wolves and the Fae Realm against a long-standing enemy. But now my Fae bloodline is in question, our marriage forbidden unless I pull off near-impossible feats of magic to prove myself. Change my stepmother into a human AND turn her heart to good?

The clock is ticking on my deadline, and I’m losing hope. But after the castle is attacked, I meet with Trystan secretly and make wedding plans against the queen’s orders. All I have to do is show up at the appointed time.

But I need a way to escape my assignment, and I’m terrified what our decision means. If I marry Trystan now, I might be imprisoned–or worse. But if I play by the rules and fail the Fae queen’s test, she swears she’ll marry my fiancé to a more suitable bride–my own mother! How can I make a choice that won’t end in losing the two people I care about most?

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