Blood Red Summer: A Thriller

He was almost dead when the building caught on fire. That’s how it ended, but that’s not how it started. And it wasn’t started by me…

Five years before I ever met Trent Lemend, before what happened to me in the house on County Road 118, I did a horrible thing. On one hand, it was mostly an accident. On the other, I didn’t have a choice, and I acted as anyone would have. Or did I? I’m still not one hundred percent sure about that part.

I thought I’d buried the past, but after all these years my actions are coming back to bite me. A stranger is stalking me, threatening me at work – and not only me, but one of my real estate clients – and the police can’t identify him. Even Trent, the man who saved me from certain death last winter, is acting strangely like he knows more than he’s saying. Just when I think I may have put a few pieces together, there’s another fire. And I think it might be connected to the terrible thing I did.

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