New Release: Blood Red Summer

Blood Red Summer, Book Two of the Wilco series, is now available. This story is told from Aria Owen’s point of view instead of Trent’s. I think you will find yourself rooting for her.

He was almost dead when the building caught on fire. That’s how it ended, but that’s not how it started. And it wasn’t started by me…

Five years before I ever met Trent Lemend, before what happened to me in the house on County Road 118, I did a horrible thing. On one hand, it was mostly an accident. On the other, I didn’t have a choice, and I acted as anyone would have. Or did I? I’m still not one hundred percent sure about that part.

I thought I’d buried the past, but after all these years my actions are coming back to bite me. A stranger is stalking me, threatening me at work – and not only me, but one of my real estate clients – and the police can’t identify him. Even Trent, the man who saved me from certain death last winter, is acting strangely like he knows more than he’s saying. Just when I think I may have put a few pieces together, there’s another fire. And I think it might be connected to the terrible thing I did.

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